Chelsea had puppies, November 23rd 2010.

They are wonderful. She has 5 altogether, 2 girls and 3 boys. There are a boy and a girl left. Aussie Shep and Lab mixed. If you are in this area. Anderson area please email me if you would like one.



Hey doggie readers!!

Chelsea is doing great!! She has a new brother, Carter!

Chelsea now has a buddy!! He is a husky and his name is Blue. He is 4 years old and a sweet heart. Chelsea and Blue are getting alone just great and they are really liking each other. blue

It rain tonight and Chelsea played in the mud, got all dirty!! She is a mess. She is doing good, we are getting ready for the big move! Will post photos of the new home laters. Night everyone and thanks for visiting.


Chelsea and Courtney

Written by: Dorothy Parker

Such glorous faith as fills your limpid eyes.
Dear little friend of mine, I never knew.
All-innocent are you, and yet all-wise.
(For heaven’s sake, stop worrying that shoe!)
You look about, and all you see is fair;
This mighty globe was made for you alone.
Of all the thunderous ages, you’re the heir.
(Get off the pillow with that dirty bone!)

A skeptic world you face with steady gaze;
High in young pride you hold your noble head,
Gayly you meet the rush of roaring days.
(Must you eat puppy biscuit on the bed?)
Lancelike your courage, gleaming swift and strong,
Yours the white rapture of a winged soul,
Yours is a spirit like a May-day song.
(God help you, if you break the goldfish bowl!)

“whatever is, is good”–your gracious creed.
You wear your joy if living like a crown.
Love lights your simplest act, your every deed.
(Drop it, I tell you– put that kitten down!)
You are God’s kindest gift of all–a friend.
Your shinning loyalty unflecked by doubt,
You ask but leave to follow to the end.
(Couldn’t you wait until I took you out?)

Chelsea and Courtney

Today we went to walking and went to the park. It was a beautiful day South Carolina. It was cool, sunny, breezy, and bright! Well since we went to the park I took photos as always of Chelsea. Some are really beautiful and cute.. So today’s post is going to be of photos.


Chelsea found  a stick while I was trying to read for my art class she wanted to chew it.


She now wanted to pose for the camera, it took me forever to get her sit still for a shot.


Us taking a break during our small walk around Lander (LU) , SC


Wild Pink/Red Roses. At the Park.

Ok so you saw what we did today after I got out of class. Today was too beautiful to waste indoors.. So we took off to the park. well thank you for reading more laters.

Chelsea and Courtney ❤

hello my friends.
Today has been good, it has been really cool.

I have created this blog to keep up with chelsea and share her with my friends, family, and my readers. I will be trying to update daily with photos, videos, and whatever we can think of. If any of you have any ideas please share. 🙂 I will post more things later. Thank you and Good night

Courtney and Chelsea.